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It is no big secret that I’ve been going to Marie France for a couple of weeks now. They have been helping me lose the baby weight without resorting to invasive or aggressive treatments (I basically just lie down and relax while the machines do all the work), which has made my life so much easier. No doubt, my body has changed since I gave birth. I gained 35-40 pounds from my pregnancy, which I was able to lose in the first few weeks. I was thrilled that I was shedding the pounds quickly, until I noticed after a month or two that I began gaining weight. Breastfeeding usually helps mommas lose the weight, but it was the opposite for me. I gained as I ate, because I was always so hungry. That, and the sleepless nights and having no yaya in the first few months made me eat even more. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming breastfeeding (I am still breastfeeding Tristan at seven months and I plan to continue until he is a year old). This was just the effect it had on my metabolism, and yes, it was also my food choices because I could’ve eaten a little healthier. So, this is all on me.

It is still an ongoing process, because I am down to the last 10 pounds, which are the hardest to lose. And of course, these fats decide to reside in my problem areas, like my tummy and legs which are so difficult to target and burn with exercise alone. I understand that exercise is the best option, but I really do not have the time to do it regularly, though I have been jogging with Lily and attending yoga classes and they really help. But I have to say, I am really seeing results with my sessions with Marie France as I am really losing inches!

So I usually go through four machines during each session, and each one really help burn fat in target areas (hello arms, tummy and legs). I have to make it clear that these machines do not cause any pain or numbness, in fact, I am always so relaxed when I finish a session. My friends always ask me if it hurts when I go, and I always tell them not at all. It is like going for a massage, but you end up losing weight and inches.


So I’ve written about Marie France before (you can read about it HERE), and I explained how one of their machines: Physique Inch-Loss works. Now, I want to introduce to you another machine that I love, and it’s called TRIPOLLAR TUMMY.

TriPollar Tummy uses the third generation Radio Frequency technology for body contouring. It works by selectively heating the fat cells in the deep and superficial adipose layers simultaneously. Heating the fat cells increases the natural metabolism and the release of fat for easy burning. It also promotes collagen production to tighten and firm up the skin. The result: the fat cells shrink in size, leaving the tummy tighter, flatter and smoother. I’ve lost inches in my tummy because of this machine, and it super works because my tummy has shrunk in size (even my back fat, which I super hated). Imagine after giving birth my waist line was 36 inches (I was just as shocked when I saw the measuring tape), and now I fit in size 26 jeans. That’s 10 inches!!!

What I love about TriPollar Tummy is that it smoothens, contours, tones and lifts. It helps trim jiggly flabs, shrinks a protruding paunch and tightens loose, wrinkling skin on the tummy area that most women get after giving birth. It’s the perfect solution for ladies who dream of having flatter, firmer waistlines or even for moms who want to smoothen and tighten their post-natal belly bulge.

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. It is so quick, you can have it during your lunch break. And there is no recovery period–there are no injections, incisions or anesthesia required (I would back out if it had any one of these). This selective fat-burning technique doesn’t damage any tissues or blood vessels either. You will only feel a mild heating sensation during the treatment. Think of it as a hot-stone massage but on your tummy! The focused energy of the TriPollar enables the use of low power for tissue heating, resulting in a safe and very pleasant treatment.

IMG_4884Of course, I wont show you my current weight haha. But I have 10 pounds to go, and I cannot wait to completely lose them!

IMG_4735Call 894-2639 (BODY) today for a free consultation! Marie France is the best!

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