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Belo Baby (April 3-10

Bath time has got to be one my favorite moments with Tristan. It is when we get to sing, play and get clean. My baby boy looooooves his bath time–it is usually hard to convince him to towel off and dry. He just wants to stay wet and play with the water all day!

Now, it wasn’t always like this. When Tristan was newborn I was scared to give him a bath because he was so tiny and I was afraid I would accidentally drop him. Carlos did it most of the time, and I would just watch how he would slowly introduce Tristan to the water, and gently shampoo his hair and soap his body. I left him to do it for about three months, until I finally found the courage to do it myself. By that time, Tristan already loved the water (thanks Dad), and since then I didn’t encounter any problems with bath time.

Like I said, I enjoy this time we have together. Tristan is just fascinated with water so he is always in a good mood when we bathe, so this is when I introduce new songs and toys (they have to be waterproof, of course) and show him his different body parts. This is also a good time to assess his progress: how much weight he has gained, if he has developed any rashes or has any mosquito bites, and if he has any skin conditions I should be concerned about. I am always weary about this because Carlos has super sensitive skin, and I am hoping Tristan didn’t get it. That’s why I am super picky about what I use on his skin, because (1) I want Tristan to continue to love bath time, (2) I don’t want strong ingredients in his bath products to activate any skin sensitivity, and (3) I want my lovey to always have happy, healthy skin until he grows up (all moms want this for their babies).

Belo Baby (April 3-27

Belo Baby (April 3-21

That’s why I always use Belo Baby products because it is effective, safe and affordable. Also, it is clinically proven gentle on my baby’s skin especially as they contain three important ingredients:

(1) Cocoa Butter – an ingredient that contains antioxidant qualities that protect skin from the outside and keeps skin healthy by strengthening and deeply moisturizing it. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, as it also relieves common skin irritations, like rashes.

(2) Shea Butter – a known superfood for the skin and hair. It heals, protects, nourishes and moisturizes skin from damage and dryness, and it is natural, gentle, soft and suitable for all skin types (especially for delicate and sensitive skin). It naturally heals common skin conditions like eczema and diaper rash.

(3) Sweet Almond Oil – it helps lock moisture in the skin and is a good exfoliator, to help remove dead skin cells and stimulate the development of healthy skin.

Belo Baby (April 3-86

I love that Belo Baby products are crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms. I’ve found a baby brand that suits Tristan’s needs, and that’s Belo Baby! That’s why I want to share the love with all you mommies out there. Read up, because I am giving away 3 awesome Belo Baby gift packs!!! I recently gave these as gifts to my mommy friends and they absolutely loved it. Of course, I didn’t forget about you, my dear readers–this is a brand I know you will love and is super gentle on baby’s skin! Here are the mechanics (super easy lang)

  1. Follow @kellymisa AND @belobabylove on Instagram.
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  3. I will select 3 winners and notify you directly on your IG posts by June 20 and we will ship the goodies to you! This is open to those with a Philippine address.


(This photo above is by Patty Laurel-Filart.) 

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