WATCH: This video of Scarlet Snow Belo makes me love my clean, clean hands

This is the cutest Belo Baby video yet! It features the most adorable little girl, the endorser of Belo Baby: SCARLET SNOW BELO! <3 I swear, this is on repeat. Tristan and I have been watching this video since we saw it on the Smart Parenting website. I’ve kind of been hoping my little guy will get the message and always remember to keep his hands clean and sanitize with Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer. So far I think it’s working, he’s been imitating Scarlet’s hand gestures from the video (yay).

It is no big secret my little family loves this newest product by Belo Baby. We never leave home without it and I always have it in Tristan’s diaper bag, my purse and inside our car. I cant stress enough how important it is to keep my family’s hands clean. It is the best way to keep bacteria and viruses away as it kills 99% of germs without irritating skin (it is super gentle). The best part: it smells so yummy! I personally love all the fruity scents–it smells so clean and fresh. Oh, and if your kiddos don’t want to sanitize, well, all you have to do is show them this video and sing along with the song (while spraying Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer, of course).

Watch and enjoy! Scarlet is too adorable! <3

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