When an iconic beauty bar celebrates its 60th year

What an amazing feat, Dove! 60 years of caring for women all over the world with wonderful products that help bring out our best selves. Yes, it is truly a brand we all know and love, not only for its products, but also because of the powerful message it sends about REAL BEAUTY. This is the only brand in the world that celebrates every woman’s beauty, promotes inclusion, and makes huge efforts to raise self-esteem and confidence. I am so proud to be a part of this brand’s campaigns, because they really do care about women.

So to celebrate their 60th year, Dove has invited me to join them in their New York headquarters to know more about their rich history, and what they have in store for us in the next 60 years. I have to say, I was all kinds of impressed, and I now have a deeper appreciation for this amazing brand.

Okay, so for most of you who don’t know (a little history lesson here), Dove started producing its iconic beauty bar in 1957. And in that span of time, A LOT has changed, except for their formulation. I was actually amazed to find out that the Dove beauty bar is pretty much the same formula it was 60 years ago! How cool is that?! Of course, an entire line up of products have been created over the years and that have since become a staple in our homes. That includes the body wash, body lotion, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner and a Men + Care line.

What can I say, it definitely was one for the books. I really enjoyed this day as I got to try all their latest products and ask their in-house scientists exactly how these products work. I was more than happy to know about the latest innovations in these categories, and discover all the new products that are only available in certain parts of the world.

Happy 60th birthday, DOVE! 

This is how the first Dove Beauty Bar looked like 60 years ago!

A timeline of their product launches and beauty campaigns that rocked the world.

Another one of the iconic beauty bar from the 1950’s.

Their ad campaigns feature real women, who were always introduced by their first names.

One of the first Dove print advertisements.

Yep, Dove is the only beauty bar around with 1/4 moisturizing cream.

Loved the location of the products presentation. We were high up and had this amazing view of NYC.

I was up on a cloud, floating away while smelling Dove in the background. This was so relaxing.

Absolutely blown away by this Dove Micellar Water from Japan. It truly removes all traces of makeup in one swipe.

That iconic logo!

An entire line of Dove Spa products! Ugh, cant wait for these to arrive in our Philippine shores.

This line smelled heavenly. So clean and fresh.

Selfie while I waited for the next presentation.

NEED!!! Dry shampoo for our hot Philippine weather. This line is just so amazing. We tested it on flower petals (with and without the conditioner) and the one without got completely burnt with a hair iron while the one dipped in the conditioner stayed protected from the heat.

 This was the experiment we did: the ones on top were dipped in Dove Conditioner. They were obviously not burnt, not like the ones in the bottom.

These were so much fun. Dove’s shower foam line has the most moisturizing foams in the market.

Light and fluffy, but packed with moisture.

This line is just amazing.

So happy to have been sent to NYC for this!

Selfie with other journalists/bloggers!

What an amazing day of discovery. Dove is truly a brand to love!

Another line that I super love: Dove Nourishing Care is the most moisturizing line, ever. This is available in countries with four season weather–it effectively returns lost moisture to the skin, which is always a problem in autumn/winter.

      Love this cool limited edition toiletry bags/soap cases! They were designed by artists from all over the world.

This was my favorite from the bunch.


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