Our unforgettable stay at Nomo Soho NYC

What a gorgeous hotel! My little family and I had the privilege of staying here while we were in New York for a DOVE global event and I have to say, WOW. NoMo SoHo offers truly luxurious accommodations with a great mix of vintage chic and cutting-edge designs that all spelled cool. Seriously, we felt cool just by staying there, but what was memorable to me was the amazing bed, the incredible food from NoMo Kitchen Restaurant and the ultra chic interiors. The reason why the hotel looks so good? Well for one, it was shaped by Benjamin Noriega Ortiz’ provocative design based on Jean Cocteau’s 1946 French film “La Belle et la Bête,” (that’s Beauty and the Beast). And, combined with the cast-iron and cobblestone authenticity of SoHo, and the fashion and culture of the digital age, and you get a fresh and vibrant hotel that is NoMo SoHo.

I think the best thing about this boutique hotel is the location. It is literally just a couple of steps from top shopping brands, boutiques and art galleries, and near New York’s key cultural attractions, like the Lower East Side, New Museum, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Little Italy and the Meat Packing District. We really got to enjoy the best of New York City, thanks to our wonderful stay at NoMo SoHo.




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