How to keep the kiddos cool this summer

While the rest of the world is transitioning into spring, Manila is officially experiencing summer! Yes, it has been blazing hot over here in the Philippines, and everyone I know has been trying to find ways to stay cool. Over here at Casa Fernandez, the struggle is definitely real, which is why we’ve pulled on all the stops–we’ve stocked up on ice cream (and ice), switched on the A/C, fan and all cooling devices at home, and we’re heading to the beach soon!

Our little boy Tristan has been feeling the heat the most, which prompted us to find more creative ways to beat the heat. As you know, kids are the most vulnerable to hot weather conditions, and are prone to heatstroke or getting sick. Keeping them cool is a must; which is why I’m sharing with you the little tricks that have so far helped our energetic toddler stay cool.

Buy summer-friendly clothes. I actually had to do this out of necessity. Tristan went on a full-on clothing strike as soon as it got hotter, and he just refused to wear any clothes whether we were at home or outside. At first I thought it was something we could get over if I let him cry it out. But oh my, he was just so uncomfortable I knew it was just too hot. He did not stop crying until we removed his clothes!! I knew his old clothes had to go, so I went out and bought him loose, breathable clothes–sandos, soft cotton t-shirts and loose shorts. After that, problem solved–he’s been wearing clothes ever since!

Stay hydrated. This goes for both momma (especially if you’re breastfeeding) and baby. Drinking water constantly throughout the day makes a world of difference and just protects you both from heat-stroke or dehydration. Also, try to avoid salty food, like chips and instead serve fruits and vegetables as snacks.

Time outdoor activities wisely. Tristan’s pedia advised that he stay indoors from 10am to 4pm, because these are the hottest hours of the day. So we try to take our toddler out for a walk in the morning and go to the park or go for a quick dip in the pool in the afternoon. Watch out for mosquitos though–always apply baby-friendly bug repellant when you go out of the house!

Hide in the shade. When you’re out, try to stay in the shade to keep cool. If this means having to wear a hat and sunglasses, then do it. P.S. There are so many adorable sun gear that are made for babies. They are super cute!

Keep skin cool. When it gets really hot, I give Tristan a bath and skip the heater. He usually enjoys this, and stays a little longer than usual so I bring in his favorite toys and make it a playtime experience. If we are out, I apply Belo Baby cologne on him and it instantly cools him down. Plus, the yummy scents (my favorite is Cool Drizzle but Happy Tickle and Sweet Snuggle are just as bango) refresh my little guy and make him super huggable. The best part: all three are gentle, non-irritating, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. That’s why I use it on Tristan and recommend it to you mommas. Oh, and it is actually my favorite as well, because when I use it, I’m immediately put in a better mood. It smells so good! <3

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