Shopping day! What we tried and bought at Resorts World Manila

What a fun shopping day! I don’t usually document our trips to the mall, but this time was different. It was one of the few times we went out without our little boy, Tristan. To be honest, it felt kind of weird not to have him around, but then we realized we never go out anymore just the two us. And so we looked for things we really needed, which were: (1) luggage, since we travel so much, and (2) speakers for my computer. And along the way we tried on other items that caught our eye. Resorts World Manila has always been one of our favorite malls, and we were glad to spend some quality time there. There’s really nothing quite like retail therapy!

Scroll all the way down to watch a video I made about our day at the mall. It’s my first attempt to vlogging, which I realized takes soooo much work! I think I should just stick to blogging for now.

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