10 reasons why Club Paradise Palawan may be the best vacation spot for your family

This trip was one year in the making, not because it was difficult to plan but because we wanted to wait for the perfect time to go on this incredible vacation. There couldn’t have been a more perfect time than in October, because that was when we celebrated Carlos’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. And so we booked our plane tickets one year in advance, and made sure our accommodations were set for this trip of a lifetime.

Carlos and I have heard wonderful stories about Club Paradise Palawan through our close friends. One of the Baby Barangay couples, Carl and Cat Ledesma got married there, and apart from their beautiful photos and videos, they had only good things to say about the resort. We definitely had high expectations about this island, and we could not wait to go on this trip.

So a little insight about the resort: (1) Club Paradise is actually an exclusive island resort in Coron, Palawan and all around it is the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This tropical paradise is located in Coron’s famous tourist attractions and dive sites. But the resort island itself is really quite remarkable. Imagine pristine white sand beaches, rustic and charming accommodations, colorful flora and fauna, so many outdoor activities and lounging options to really ensure you have the best and most rested stay there. It really is everything they say it is, and more.

If you plan on doing some diving or you just want to snorkel and admire the underwater life, this is the place to do it. Their house reefs have been protected for the last 15 years and boasts an incredible profusion of fishlife that range from beautiful colorful fish, giant pawikan or sea turtles, reef sharks, stingray and many more. My husband is a fan of underwater life and he is really happiest when swimming in the ocean. This trip proved to be one of his best birthdays, only because he got to spend it underwater, with close encounters with impressive sea creatures.

 As I was told (by a reliable source: Carlos), right off the beach is a sea grass field, an area in which dugongs and turtles like to graze. So you shouldn’t be surprised to find them hanging about nearby and munching on their favorite snack. Then, only half an hour away is the Kyokuzan maru, one of 12 dive-able wrecks from World War II.

If you’re into diving and underwater exploration, this is definitely worth the trip. And you’ll be happy to know that (2) Club Paradise Palawan has its own dive-shop, staffed and fully equipped to host your scuba diving holiday. It doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring diver or someone who has logged over a thousand dives–they have a complete range of equipment and gadgets to make your dive the best one yet.

(3) If you’re looking for more adventure, Club Paradise Palawan also offers day trips to the famous Apo Reef, as well as 11 other wrecks and Barracuda Lake on the southern side of Busuanga Island. We weren’t able to do it this time around, but this is definitely on our bucket list!

It was indeed an amazing family trip to remember. (4) From the airport to the island the transportation (c/o Club Paradise Palawan) was seamless and fast. We were assisted by courteous and knowledgeable staff who let us know where we were, what we were doing, and how long it was going to take, all while taking care of our luggage from one point to the next. I literally just had to carry my handbag, and Carlos his backpack, and the rest was in their hands. What a hassle-free experience, and from the van to the speedboat, it was a smooth trip.

When we arrived on Dimakya Island, we were warmly welcomed with singing and a cold beverage while our room registration was straightened out. Of course, Carlos and Tristan could not wait and immediately hit the beach, while I relaxed in the shade. There is really something magical about this island, because as soon as I got there I didn’t have a care in the world. My body was put into relaxed mode and all I wanted was to swim and lay under the sun.

(5) The beach is stunning–the entire island has white powdery sand beaches surrounding it, with the clearest crystal blue waters. Seriously, you can see the busy aquatic life, going about their business while you swim. And when you snorkel, well, you see majestic beauty all around. Bright colorful fish, sea turtles, stingray and amazing reefs all just a few meters from the island. It is truly amazing! I couldn’t help but take about 1001 photos, because it felt like we were staying in our very own private island.

So, after our quick swim, we were taken to our villa. And (6) what a villa it was! Tristan kept calling it our little house, and it really was, as each villa felt private and secluded. We had a huge king sized bed all to ourselves and I love how Club Paradise Palawan prepared a separate bed for Tristan so we were so comfortable. The villa had complete modern amenities to ensure we had a restful and convenient stay, and their Wi-Fi signal is strong, in case this is a requirement for you.

(7) I think one of the reasons why this island has such a relaxing effect is the fact that you feel so close to nature. Because the island is so well-preserved, you can have close encounters with animals you wouldn’t necessarily interact with. Dimakya Island has a resident bayawak that makes its daily rounds (note: don’t leave your door ajar especially if you’ve ordered room service the night before. Mr Bayawak will enter your room hahaha!), and every day at 6:30pm on the dot thousands of bats fly from one island to the other, creating a stunning view unlike any other! Also, if you come at around February you will be able to watch baby turtles making their way back to the ocean–so exciting!

(8) Another thing I love about Club Paradise is the FOOD. They make amazing Filipino comfort food, and we were more than happy to enjoy their culinary offerings every single day. This is a must, because you wont be able to get food anywhere else unless you order from another island (which wont be easy). So we were very happy their dishes are crowd favorites, and really, made with love. We enjoyed the Calamares (ate that almost everyday), Chicken Tinola (so flavorful), Green Mango Salad and Beef Salpicao. Oh, and ask if you can arrange a romantic dinner right on the beach. We did this on the night of Carlos’s birthday and our anniversary and though Tristan was fast asleep, we loved the gentle sea breeze and powdery sand on our feet while we dined on our favorite dishes.

Now, this is something I love to do when I’m at the beach–it’s getting a proper massage. (9) I immediately booked a 2-hour massage with Glow Spa and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. I was kneaded into complete relaxation, and that is really the best kind of massages, right? Tip: book an appointment as soon as you arrive, as their bookings get filled quickly.

(10) Lastly, I cannot tell you enough how incredible Club Paradise Palawan’s service is. Their staff are courteous and well-trained, accommodating and sincere. They really go the extra mile to make your trip the best one yet, and if you make a request, most likely you will get YES as an answer.

My little family and I felt so lucky to stay in this outstanding resort island. What Club Paradise Palawan offers is more than a relaxing vacation–it gives you an unforgettable experience to remember for the rest of your life. We promise to go back when Tristan is a little bigger, so he can fully enjoy this island paradise with us.

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