An afternoon at Yoki’s Farm Tagaytay

As much as my little family and I love doing the usual things in Tagaytay (which are mostly food-related btw), this time we wanted to try something new and find a place that Tristan will enjoy. We were staying at Anya Resort Tagaytay at the time when our Lifestyle Assistant suggested that we go to Yoki’s Farm for the afternoon. To be honest, I was expecting to find the typical farm animals (I made sure to show Tristan flash cards of pigs, cows, ducks, chickens, etc. that morning), so imagine my surprise when I discovered the farm actually housed exotic birds, snakes, lizards, and ostrich! It was so interesting for me to see these kinds of animals–some of them are super rare and colorful; Tristan definitely enjoyed!

So, okay, Yoki’s Farm really is a farm, but not in the traditional sense. It grows and sells different vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices but these are all organic (grown without pesticides) and some make use of hydrophonic systems. This was a treat for my husband, Carlos who loves to grow different plants and trees in our home. He was so interested with how they did things at the farm he was asking questions left and right. And he was actually able to apply some of their tips to the plants we have at home, which have been flourishing!

It’ll take you about two to three hours to tour the farm. Yoki’s Farm has a fun bird show every afternoon, which you shouldn’t miss (the colorful parrots, white and black cockatoos were quite entertaining). And they can assign you a tour guide to take you all over the farm. For the tour, you can check out how they grow their produce, pick berries from their mulberry bushes (Tristan ate so much, fresh off the tree) and even feed ostrich. The kids will love this experience, and thanks to Tagaytay’s cool air it is a pleasant experience for the whole family.

Before leaving, we bought ourselves a huge bag of lettuce (enough to last us two weeks), two mulberries trees, and different fresh herbs and spices. Visiting Yoki’s Farm made me want to start our own farm one day, and grow all our vegetables! This sure beats going to the grocery store–imagine being able to pick what to eat and know it is organically grown and produced. Hay, what a dream!



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