My favorite breastfeeding-friendly brands at the moment

It’s been two years and six months, and my breastfeeding journey is not quite done. So far, my son can go on extended periods without nursing from me but he still cannot sleep at night without me by his side. He is becoming more and more independent everyday, yet when he is hurt or needs comforting he still looks for me (and the boob). I am not complaining. I am actually making the most of this limited time, as I know this chapter in our lives is drawing to a close. And as much as I love breastfeeding my son, I know he is growing up fast and soon he wont need me the same way anymore.

I remember how difficult it was in the beginning, as I felt like I had nothing to wear because I was breastfeeding. Dresses were out of the question, so I stored most of them in the back of my closet and stuck to easy, breathable tops that I could easily lift to feed. I bought a few easy access breastfeeding tops and dresses, and used them until they looked worn and old, but I always had a hard time finding stylish clothes where I could easily breastfeed Tristan.

Lucky for us moms, in a span of two years quite a number of stylish breastfeeding brands have sprouted, which has been a godsent for mommas like us. I no longer have a problem choosing cute tops and dresses, as these are made with easy access slits to discreetly nurse. There no longer a need to sacrifice style for function, as these homegrown brands have found a way to marry both. Check out my favorite breastfeeding-friendly pieces that I cant stop wearing.

1.) The Emily Blouse (P1,450) from Pearl Clothing (

This white polka dot top is such a versatile piece, and lately I’ve been wearing it over and over. I usually pair it with dark jeans, faded shorts, and even a black skirt. It has an invisible zipper underneath the top layer that allows easy breastfeeding access. It is such a well-made, ingenious top.

2.) The Sophia Dress (P2,150) by Bub and Weave (

I have been so dress-deprived these past few years, so this dress has me so excited to be wearing dresses again (and a maxi dress at that). It is made of soft cotton that is cool and breathable, so its perfect for those hot summer days. I wore it to the beach and loved it. It has a side slit so you can easily breastfeed underneath the top flowy fabric. This is definitely a keeper, even after I’m done breastfeeding.

3.) The Amy Off-Shoulder Romper (P1,450) by Bub and Weave (

I thought I would never wear rompers (while breastfeeding) again, until I found this one from Bub and Weave! It is made of super soft fabric that I love, and I just feel so pretty wearing it. The drawstring shorts are forgiving and flattering–this is a must for every breastfeeding momma.

4.) The Pitaya Swimsuit (P2,250) by Coral Swimwear (

A swimsuit that can easily double as a pretty top! You really cant go wrong with this, as the fabric and print is super cute. And its design allows you to easily breastfeed in style. Love this!

5.) The Piña Colada Swimsuit (P2,250) by Coral Swimwear (

Another favorite for its versatility and cute design! I love that I can totally wear this with jeans and it works as a top, and you can easily pull it down to nurse as you don’t really need to wear a bra underneath.  Such a winner!

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