My top 5 mommy-approved swimsuit brands

As much as I hate to admit it, my wardrobe choices have changed drastically since I had Tristan. Gone are the days when I would rock super mini skirts and revealing tops, and don’t get me started with high heels. I honestly thought it was just a phase, but I am now beginning to realize those old clothes no longer fit my personality. Being a hands-on mom means getting down and dirty with my toddler, and yes, it involves a lot of chasing, swooping down, carrying, and playing. That’s why I am now all about finding clothes that combine style and comfort, and if one is missing then I refuse to wear it. At the same time, I love clothing that have an amazing fit and are well-made, and I am willing to spend a little more to get that. It is definitely a challenge to be able to follow a new standard, but it is also great because I get the most mileage out of my clothes now.

Now, when it comes to finding that perfect swimsuit, well, this is where it can get tricky. Not only are the trends all about showing off a lot more than I am willing to show, most of the ones in the market are made so skimpy, and see-through, I cant imagine wearing them while playing with my son at the beach. I have to be able to carry my son and play with him all day without having to pull and tug at my swimsuit, and no, I will not risk a peekaboo situation no matter how cute the one-piece or bikini is!

So, I’ve come up with a list of my favorite mommy-approved swimsuits for all you mommas who go through the same thing I do when we’re at the beach. I can only imagine how crazy it is for those moms who need to take care of two or more kiddos at a time. It surely involves a lot of fun, no doubt about that, but what a crazy workout it must be haha! Just the things you have to carry alone can be quite a load. Here is my list of go-to swimsuit brands (all local, homegrown brands btw) that every stylish momma should have in her closet.


1.) Coral Swimwear (IG handle: @coralswimwear)

I’ve already featured this swimwear brand before, and I really love how their swimsuits can be worn at the beach and IRL, like, while malling with your girlfriends or when you’re out having dinner with your husband. It is a stylish and comfortable suit, and really, all you need to do is wear a pair of denim jeans over it and you’re good to go. Oh, and I love how it adequately covers my booty so I can run and bend without a second thought.

2.) Cocotini Resortwear (@cocotiniresortwear)

This brand has been around for quite a long time and I’ve always loved how stylish and wearable their swimsuits and dresses are. This one-piece is a winner, as it accentuates your curves and covers the flaws. The print is super cute, too! Oh, and I can totally wear it with a long flowy skirt and it’s immediately a stylish outfit.

3.) Eighth Mermaid (@eighthmermaid)

While this local brand is super popular with the millennials, stylish mommas also gravitate towards their clean lines and great fit. A fair warning to mommas, you might need to get a size larger than usual when you shop here because their cuts and styles are a bit risqué and fits flat-chested ladies a lot better (maybe stick to one-piece suits if you’re breastfeeding). I opted for this one-piece in a size large, and it fit me just right (though the cut is a little high cut but I don’t mind it). I love its thick fabric though, and the design is really too cute.

4.) Our Swimsuit Manila (@ourswimsuitmanila)

I chanced upon this swimsuit brand on Instagram and was immediately drawn to its cool tropical prints and bright colors. You might want to get a size bigger than usual when you order to be sure the suit fits you, as their swimsuits run small. The fabric is nice though, and the print is a standout. Just choose their more conservative designs, as they have a wide range and some can be a little risqué. Their price points are a win!


5.) Naked Sun Swimwear (@nakedsunswimwear)

If you want a wide range of choices, check out the Instagram account of Naked Sun. They’ve been around for awhile and offer such cute designs in different cuts and styles. I got this one-piece when I was still pregnant with  Tristan and I love that I still get to wear it! It is such a classic design, and yes, you can totally wear it IRL!

Let me know if you have more to add to this list as I am constantly on the lookout for more mom-friendly swimsuit brands. Leave a comment below!

  1. Bonna Reply

    Can you also include the prices of the swimsuit? I love the number 2 swimsuit. Thank you.😊

    1. Kelly Misa Reply

      Let me compile all the prices! 🙂 In the meantime, you can also inquire about the swimsuit on Cocotini’s Instagram page. They answer all their DMs! Thanks for visiting my site!

  2. Vanessa Montemayor Reply

    Heaven sent!!! Thanks for the list! Was beginning to loose hope looking for swimmies that mommahs can actually wear! I have 3 kids so you can only imagine the amount of running around and the million other things i do at the beach with them! 🙈🙊 cheers mommah! ❤️

    1. Kelly Misa Reply

      YAY! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 Check out my Instagram page for more mommy-friendly swimsuits. Thank you for dropping by and saying HI!

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