What you can find at the Dyson SM Aura demo store

Great news! Dyson has officially opened their doors to its newest Demo space at the SM Aura Premier in Manila. This is pretty awesome, because you will finally be able to test out and experience Dyson products and be amazed with its technology. Seriously, if you haven’t tested out or used a Dyson product before, you need to. The brand offers incredibly engineered appliances that you will be using for years and years to come.

So, okay, I used to think home appliances were all one in the same, until I got myself a Dyson Kinetic DC52 vacuum cleaner for our home and I was completely sold with the brand. It is probably the most used appliance in our home (we are neat freaks, and we have a toddler), and it effectively keeps our house spic and span. It uses a patented cyclone technology that is so efficient there is no filter maintenance (unlike other vacuum cleaners). And it uses cyclones with high frequency oscillating tips that vibrate, which then prevents the cyclone aperture from clogging. This makes it super efficient at dust separation without having to wash or replace parts. And the best part: we don’t baby it at all–it is so well-engineered it doesn’t break down or give us any problems. You can read my review about the Dyson Kinetic DC52 HERE.

And since we were so impressed with the brand, we didn’t stop there. We got ourselves the Dyson Pure Cool Link purifying fan a few months after Tristan was born because, of course, we were about to welcome a newborn into our home so we needed to keep the air clean. Plus, we didn’t want any accidents with sliced fingers from a regular fan (which is working soooo well for us now that our boy is an inquisitive toddler), and simply put, we really wanted the best. We’ve never regretted our decision–this bladeless fan and air purifier in one effectively cools the air in our home and has the ability to capture 0.1 Microns of dust, smoke, dander, germs and odors in your home with the press of a button. It is super smart, too–while the filter captures odors and harmful particles that pollute the air, its advanced sensor monitors the quality of the air around you (there’s an app you can download on your phone to check your air quality at home, and you can even control it from a remote area). It also has an auto mode that can change the purifying level depending on its reading to make sure you are always breathing in clean air. My review about the Dyson Pure Cool Link is HERE.

My most recent investment is the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and wow, all I can say is: I have never been more excited about a hairdryer before. This is really the ultimate hairstyling tool, as it allows you to dry and style your hair in the most efficient way with its small and powerful digital motor. It looks so good, too, but it is more than that. It is really an intelligent tool that allows your hair to look healthy and shiny, and to easily style it! I still have to do a review about my Dyson Supersonic (on my to do list), to show you how amazing this is!

Or better yet, drop by their Demo space and test these out for yourself. I promise you, you will be completely blown away by its technology, and you wouldn’t want to use any other appliance after. Scroll down to see what went down at the Dyson store opening.

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