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I recently did a closet sale on my other Instagram account, @shop_kellymisa, to let go of clothes, shoes, accessories, and swimwear I no longer use. This was cathartic in many ways, as I bid many of my well-loved things farewell by thanking each item (ala Marie Kondo style) and sending them to their new owners who will hopefully use them and take good care of them. I’m the type who gets emotionally attached to my things, so this was pretty difficult for me. But I figured now is the perfect time to declutter my closet, not just for the space, but to streamline my wardrobe and be able to efficiently rotate my clothes. It was getting pretty cluttered, and though I had so many options, I couldn’t seem to match anything together. It’s the classic girl problem: “having a roomful of clothes but nothing to wear”, which usually means I have too many things!

I’ve noticed that apart from the bulk of clothes I let go, most of the items I sold were shoes. It made me wonder why I had so many pairs and would only keep 4-5 pairs on heavy rotation. Most of them were just collecting dust, which I found so wasteful. So I’ve made it a point to purge most of my shoe rack display shoes (which are mostly heels) and keep the ones I really use. This has allowed me to simplify my wardrobe (and my life) big time–no more heavy, life-changing decisions in the morning when I honestly cannot decide which goes with what anyway. So, the sky-high heels had to go, as well as the ones that I can only stand wearing for 1.5 hours or less. And what I was left with were a good range of hardworking shoes that looked stylish, were super comfortable and looked good worn with most of the items on my closet. Of course, I also kept my special occasion shoes so I have something to wear for weddings, red carpet events, cocktail parties and intimate dinners. As well as my boots for traveling to cold places, rubber shoes for playing sports and hiking boots for, well, hiking.

I am still not done–I still have a lot more to sell, which is making me realize how important it is to invest in quality things–especially amazing shoes. Our feet do so much for us, they deserve to be treated to the best shoes. I mean, really, how much money do you actually save when you purchase something cheap but it causes you to get painful blisters or for your feet to hurt? It really isn’t worth it, and nope, I am not buying that “tiis ganda” for fashion. Shoes should look great, and it should also be super comfortable!

So, okay, one of the brands I’ve recently discovered (only because I am so late in the game) is Dr. Kong. I used to pass this store at the mall without giving it a second look, but since I’ve heard so many good reviews about it lately, I’ve decided to try it out for myself. So one of the things that makes Dr. Kong different from all the other shoe stores in the market is that it offers an innovative “Check & Fit” foot examination and insole fitting service. They also provide free professional foot examination to people of all ages, which is a huge plus for us, especially if you have foot problems. Dr. Kong promotes the importance of foot and spine health (yes, the two are related) for both adults and children, and find ways to help correct a problem. For example, they launched the BB walker 123, which provides bare foot, easily bendable, and 3-D foot care to meet the needs of children at different stages of their step learning. In addition, there is the Children Walker ABC which is developed specifically for children’s proper foot development. They also offer multi-circumference healthy shoes from 2E to 4E, which ranges from narrow last to wide last. This allows more customers to find shoes that is suitable to their foot shape, so everyone from babies, children, adult and the elderly can benefit from Dr. Kong shoes.

I recently put it to the test and wore my Dr. Kong shoes on my trips to Vietnam and Hong Kong, and let me tell you–it’s all true. They really make the most comfortable travel shoes–I wore them from day to night without any foot pains (which I expected to get since I always got them whenever I travelled). My feet were happy from morning to night, even though I walked a couple of miles in them, while sometimes carrying my two year old. Seriously, I felt like I discovered a super power! These shoes are the bomb!

So, I was at their store in Uptown Mall BGC to celebrate their 6th birthday in the Philippines and the bunch of us were treated to, of course, Dr. Kong shoes! I think the most difficult part was choosing just one, especially when it came to selecting shoes for my son Tristan. They have a wide range to choose from, from stylish sandals and walking shoes, to rubber shoes, heels, and many more. It is probably one of the few stores I know where my mom, my lola (if she were alive), Carlos, Tristan and I can shop for shoes. They really have a style to suit every personality, and a size for every kind of foot out there.

Eventually, it was my super stylish bestie, Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, who helped me decide which shoes to get. I went with the matte gold walking shoes (with flower design), which really saved me from all the walking I did in Vietnam and Hong Kong. Seriously, these are super comfortable not just because they’re soft, but because they gives your feet the support it needs to walk properly. I think I only packed two pairs of shoes for those two trips–this gold pair and a pair of sandals that were really just a backup. I am so happy with my Dr. Kongs.

After all that shoe shopping, Bianca and I were famished. So we headed over to Aussie ice cream brand, Gelare. We didn’t have ice cream though, but their famous Chicken and Waffles! Hay, so good! Definitely not keto-friendly, buuuuut okay, I ate most of the chicken and had only one waffle. So hard to fight the temptation!


Leave a comment below if you’ve tried Dr. Kong shoes, and let me know how you like them! I have since gotten A TON of mileage from the pair I got. I actually need to have it cleaned already because its gotten a lot of use.

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