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It’s been an unbelievable nine months since I started the Ketogenic lifestyle and all I can say is that it has been life-changing. Not only have I lost all the excess baby weight (I am actually slimmer than I was before I got pregnant), I feel great. Like, I no longer have my usual aches and pains (like stiff necks and muscle spasms), my skin has never been clearer (no more pimples), I wake up energized and stay that way throughout the day (as opposed to feeling sluggish all-day), I am sharper and I actually feel smarter (no more brain fog), more active and generally in a good mood all the time. I’ve been raving about the Keto diet for so many months and encourage people to get on it so they feel what I am feeling. Being in a state of ketosis (when your body becomes a fat-burning machine) feels incredible, and it’s amazing to me that not a lot of people are willing to make the shift because they don’t find it sustainable.

Well, it really is difficult in the beginning because it means you have to completely change the way to see food. No one likes change, especially when someone is telling you to do it. But if only you can feel what it is like to be free from sugar and carbs, you wouldn’t want to go back to the old you ever again. I used to be your typical sugar addict–like I would have chocolates for breakfast, and continue on with oatmeal, rice, bread, crackers, biscuits, chips, more chocolates, and many more throughout the day. So I used to just eat sugar all-day and it was perfectly normal. It was also normal to constantly be hangry (when you’re angry and hungry at the same time), have mood swings (like I would always snap at my husband for doing little things that annoy me), constant brain fog (I would always get writer’s block–ALWAYS), laziness and sluggishness, and at times I would feel depressed. I used to think that maybe I was born that way, or it was part of my personality. But after I removed the refined sugars, empty carbs and calories, preservatives, coloring, and basically try to stay away from all the artificial GMO foods that are so readily available, well, I feel so much better. Now I know how important it is to eat clean, and to feed yourself with only natural, healthy foods.

So I’ve made it a point to find the best organic, natural ingredients that have as little sugar as possible. If it can be sweetened with Stevia, even better. I try my best to provide my family with healthy meals that are made up of these ingredients, and have just these options at home. Of course, there are times when we eat out and are given gifts and yes, sometimes we do indulge in them. But we always go back to our Keto lifestyle, which is something we’ve decided we want to continue on for as long as we can. So to inspire you all to get into the program (I know, I am so kulit about it), I wanted to share with you my healthy finds that not only include food, but also beauty products, and medicinal alternatives like essential oils. Here are my new discoveries (and old favorites) when it comes to food, beauty and health.

1.) 7 Grains.I’ve heard about this local brand a few years ago, actually, when I was pregnant with Tristan and I was kind of getting into the healthy lifestyle. I knew they offered healthy alternatives, but since I didn’t understand how important it was to eat clean (no GMOs, preservatives, colorings, etc), so I tried it and didn’t seek it out after. I still stuck to the usual cheaper ingredients as I thought they gave me value for my money. But after finding out the real deal about food, well, now I really choose to buy clean ingredients, and 7 Grains is one of those brands I trust. They have Organic Protein Pastas (made of Edamame and Yellow Soybean) which are nice alternatives to your typical starchy noodles, and Skinny Carbs (made of konjac plant) that works for our Keto diet. They also have Skinny Seasoning, which is made of Liquid Protein Aminos (a great alternative to soy sauce); Skinny Tomato (all-natural ketchup without the coloring and preservatives); Good Peanut Butter (less sugar), Lemonsito/Calamansi Puree, Skinny Veggie Chips (Tristan loves these), and Vegetable Bouillon Cubes (no MSG).

Follow them on Instagram: @7grainspantry // M: +639178117080 // E: //

2.) Easy Cures. 

Since I’ve made the switch to clean, healthy eating, I’ve realized that I needed to apply it also to my beauty products. This has been particularly difficult for me, since I already have my go-to products for beauty and makeup. But slowly but surely, I have been replacing what I can and try my best to seek out locally-made, all-natural products. One brand I’ve discovered is Easy Cures, and so far it has been super effective. They have Gentle Hair & Body Wash that’s made of Goat’s Milk and VCO (it smells so light and clean), and they offer more natural cures for headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness, etc. through their Essential Oils, Salves and Healing Oils. They also carry Himalayan Pink Salt (this is the purest salt as it is found in the Himalayas and is unpolluted) and Wild Honey (which is great for healing sore throat and cough and is a healthy sweetener).

3.) Lucas Papaw Ointment.

This Aussie product has a huge cult following, and rightly so because it is super effective for healing and soothing inflamed, chapped and broken skin. I discovered this when Tristan was having the worst diaper rash, and I was so worried I couldn’t find anything that would work on him. I tried all the diaper rash creams I could get my hands on, and OMG, none of them worked. I couldn’t stand seeing my son in pain, so I searched deeper and found Lucas Papaw Ointment. I kid you not, after a few days of using this the diaper rash was completely gone. Seriously. After that I was a believer! I would use it on my chapped lips, burns, and any skin problem me and my family would encounter (even insect bites and rashes). It works so well, so I bought a couple of big tubs for my house. This is a new one (we are on our 2/3 tub), and I need to tell you mommas, you need this in your house. The ointment contains 39 milligrams per gram of fermented papaw (derived from the papaw fruit) and is enough to help heal skin. It was developed in Brisbane, Australia in 1910 by Dr. Thomas Lucas, a botanist and medical practitioner who believed in the wonderful healing properties of papaw. You can order your own tube, jar or big tub through My Goodies For Less (IG handle: @mygoodiesforless), they buys and sells Lucas papaw ointments for very reasonable prices (better prices than the ones I’ve seen here in stores).

4.) Pure Origins

I have recently learned about the healing properties of essential oils, and how aromatherapy can actually heal you of certain sickness and ailments. I didn’t believe it in the beginning, until I tried it and amazingly, it super works. Like all you need are a few drops of these essential oils, which you can breathe in (rub 1-2 drops on the palms of your hands and inhale the scent after rubbing your hands together), apply on your pressure points, or ingest. You can do your research about it and find out what particular essential oils work for which symptoms. For instance to cure insomnia, inhale and rub on pulse points drops of Lavender; for dizziness and headaches, use Peppermint; and to wake you up or energize you in the morning, use Sweet Orange.

5.) Black Chicken Remedies.

This is a new discovery. I found out about it on Instagram and decided to order and try it. I didn’t think it would work that well, to be honest. Because I’ve tried deodorants before and I never really felt 100% confident from them. So okay, I have tried it for two weeks straight and let me tell you. This is a wonder product! It absolutely works (like, no smell or underarm odors AT ALL for 24 hours) and the best part: it is made from all-natural ingredients! Super win-win situation here. The brand has a funny name, but you have to admit, you wont soon forget it–BLACK CHICKEN REMEDIES haha. Their Deodorant Paste contains only natural and certified organic ingredients, does not contain harmful Aluminum Salts or compounds (these have been linked to cancer btw), is completely invisible upon application, does not contain synthetic fragrances (only pure essential oils and botanical extracts), does not contain alcohol, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triclosans or other harmful chemicals, and is vegan-friendly! I suggest you switch to this deodorant–you wouldn’t want to use any other after. You can order yours through My Goodies For Less (@mygoodiesforless) in Instagram, they carry these in their site.

That’s it (for now)! I’ll be on the lookout for more all-natural products and food so we can all live a healthy lifestyle. I would love to hear your favorite natural products if you have any to share. Leave a comment below!

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