Keto lunch ideas you can totally do everyday

I am constantly asked via Instagram DM and FB messenger how I prepare my keto meals (you can read my post on the Ketogenic Diet/Lifestyle HERE). And my answer is simple: I spend a lot of time following keto food blogs and watching YouTube videos. In other words I do a bit of reading and research to come up with a viable meal plan. It is pretty easy though, because the Ketogenic Diet eliminates a lot of food groups that tend to complicate our dishes. I mean, if you’re working with a constant list of ingredients then it is easy to mix and match, and even be creative.

I just counted with my fingers and I am now on my 7th month of doing the Ketogenic Diet. And while I have cheated quite a number of times in these months, I always go back to it and pay the price, as I suffer from keto flu all over again. It is all worth it though because I am addicted to the feeling I get when I am on it. My mind is sharper, my mood is more stable, my energy is up, and I get a better quality of sleep at night. It is really true that you are what you eat, and ever since I cut down on refined sugars, processed food, preserved food and any food that isn’t fresh, I have felt a whole lot better, stronger and smarter. I am so thankful everyday that I discovered this lifestyle and I don’t think I will ever go back to life before it.

So, okay, back to meal planning and keto-friendly food ideas. I wanted to share with you a site I love following because it offers super simple and easy dishes that tastes great. I’ve heard a lot of complaints from random people that the Ketogenic Diet is not sustainable because, well, there’s just too little carbs to consume. I think it is all in the mind though, because there are a lot of ingredients you can use to replace your rice, bread, crackers, etc. For me, they actually taste better and are great because they’re a healthier alternative. Awesome food like cauliflower, avocados, cheddar cheese, lettuce, kale, broccoli, etc. are awesome low carb replacements to your usual carb choices. You just need to be creative and learn new recipes!

One of my favorite blog sites is Essential Keto, which I’ve linked on this post. It offers a slew of delicious meals that you can make in minutes. Let me know what you think, and please share your own keto meals if you have any.


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