Meet Rexona’s Ultimate Doers: Phil Younghusband and Bianca Gonzalez


Phil Younghusband and Bianca Gonzalez are no strangers to the public eye. We know these two from their many achievements, and we look up to them when we need to be inspired. The two definitely know how to DO: MORE–or in other words, be open to possibilities, keep busy, seek adventure, go the extra mile and push limits. They seem to know how to do more things in a day, without compromising quality of work. They are the best at what they do, and they’re showing no signs of waning.

Last June 27th, at the Enderun Tent, REXONA recognized Bianca Gonzalez and Phil Younghusband for being the Ultimate Doers. This means the two embody the brand’s lifestyle and serve as perfect examples to what it means to DO MORE.

Rexona couldn’t have chosen better endorsers. I’ve known Bianca since I began modelling. We both started out at the same time, and worked many times doing magazine editorials or fashion shows. She’s incredibly smart and already back then, sought to inform and make a difference through her blog and later on television and social media sites. She also loves to travel, and makes time to explore one exotic country after the other, doing of course, her signature cartwheel at every landmark. Today, nothing has changed, only, in a bigger scale, Bianca is making a difference. She has become a TV and media personality who uses her celebrity position to empower the youth and promote education. She is a social advocate and proactive citizen, and was named one of 2012’s Young Global Shapers by the World Economic Forum. On top of all this, she is to headline the Unilever Personal Care Teen Week, appealing to the youth about the importance of inner confidence and the ability to DO MORE.

Phil, on the other hand, I was only able to meet at the Unilever PC Summit a few months ago. He is such a pleasant, likeable guy, always with a smile on his face. Every Filipino knows who he is, not only because of his billboards all over the metro, but because he previously played with the prestigious Chelsea FC, the Philippine Azkals and the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club. He also co-founded the Younghusband Football Academy, where he coaches. With a level 2 UEFA coaching badge under his belt, Phil hopes to promote and develop young Filipinos’ skill and passion for football, ultimately spreading a deeper appreciation for the sport in the country. He embodies the Rexona philosophy through his efforts of training and supporting aspiring athletes–something the brand also advocates through his own initiatives.

“For years, Rexona has supported the development of sports in the youth. One example was the Youth Excellence through Sports or Y.E.S. program launched two months ago,” says Mar Corazo, Rexona Brand Manager. More importantly, however, Rexona invites all individuals to kick-start an active lifestyle by joining the annual Rexona Run On October 20. Corazo says, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular runner or a first-timer, it is a perfect opportunity to get out there and challenge yourself by doing something new. With Rexona, you can always feel confident knowing you’re protected throughout the day, no matter what it is you’re doing.”

Rexona_1295Rexona Ultimate Doer, Bianca Gonzalez.

Rexona_1318Rexona Ultimate Doer, Phil Younghusband pins his next travel destination: Brazil, for the 2014 World Cup.

Rexona_1344Phil and Bianca with their DO: MORE mantras.

Rexona_1310Rexona Ultimate Doers: Bianca Gonzalez and Phil Younghusband.

Rexona_1316Bianca pins her next tourist destination: Egypt.

Rexona_1138Paolo Cabalfin, Focus Athletics’ Performance Coach and Managing Director shows people how to DO: Workout.

Rexona_1124Apples Aberin, Unilever Head for PR for Personal Care shows us how she loves to DO: Workout.

Rexona_1096Mar Corazo, Unilever Brand Manager.

Rexona_1283Mar with Phil and Bianca.

Rexona_1154Avid traveller, food writer and host, and owner of Pinkerton Ice Cream, Xandra Rocha.

Rexona_1186Event host RJ Ledesma.

Rexona_1142Rexona Brand Managers Anne Remulla and Mar Corazon.

Rexona_1092The Rexona Brand Team: Anne Remulla, Cheskie Ayson, Nikki Abella, Apples Aberin and Mar Corazon.

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