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A recent visit to a GUESS store made me rediscover my love for denim. I haven’t worn it in a while, except for maybe my favorite pair of jeans which I’ve put on only once or twice these past few weeks. The humid weather has forced me to wear cotton dresses, because they’re cool and easy. I really couldn’t imagine wearing anything else.

And then I saw them. An impressive selection of GUESS denims in all styles and colors.

Its funny how I’ve forgotten how versatile denim is, and how terrific a denim dress or chambray shirt looks. I feel silly, because everyone knows they’re a must for every wardrobe. There are so many ways to wear them, and its so easy to dress it up or down, depending on your day. They come in all styles and colors now too, so you can never get bored with them. The best part though, ┬áis that denim nowadays actually allow you to move and breathe. They’re made differently now, and aren’t hot or constricting anymore. This is a dream for me, because I can actually beat the heat while wearing denim.

I LOVE these styles from GUESS. They’re so stylish and as I’ve tried them, very comfy. I could live in these until the end of the year!

Guess-Women-Spring-2013-4 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-28 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-16 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-17 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-2 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-3 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-7 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-15 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-19 Guess-Women-Spring-2013-25

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