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Food is a basic human need. Its just as important as having access to clean, potable water and safe, sanitary living conditions. It is something we need to survive, but since it is so available to most of us, we hardly think of eating as means of survival. Usually we think of where to eat, or what to have for breakfast/lunch/merienda/dinner without any worries of being hungry. Its more of making a choice than as a way to survive. If you think of it, most of us cannot even imagine a life without our preferred restaurants and grocery stores, but what if it were all gone tomorrow? Not having food is a scary thought, and sadly it is something that still happens in our country. Of course, we’ve seen this unfold in the recent calamity brought about by typhoon Yolanda–people were driven to loot and steal in order to live, which only reminds us of how important food is.

To address this growing problem of hunger in the Philippines, Knorr, in partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WTP) recently held a food fair, called Food for Change, at the Mercato Centrale in Fort Bonifacio Global City. It gave foodies, cooking aficionados, and regular food-lovers like me a venue to enjoy tasting samples from no less than 50 participating food concessionaires. Each ticket was worth P300, which will go towards helping feed school children in depressed areas of Mindanao. The event is a continuation of the Knorr Kitchenhood Clinics, a movement that helps pave the way for more women to express their passion by cooking authentic and flavorful meals for their family and loved ones.

Another effort is a social media campaign utilizing the School Meal Facebook app.  For every ’Like‘ received, Unilever promises to donate one school meal to WFP (do your part and ‘LIKE’ on this link: To date, Unilever, through Knorr, has provided Php30 million worth of school meals for school children in Mindanao since its partnership in 2008 began.

“In 2007, a partnership between Unilever and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) was forged to help end the plight of world hunger. Since then, thousands of Unilever employees from all over the world have engaged in activities to raise awareness and funds for WFP.

World Food Day is a yearly event celebrated simultaneously around the world on October 16th in honour of the date of the foundation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945. The WFP evolved from FAO in 1961 and since then has become the United Nations frontline agency in the global fight against hunger.

 In support of this, Knorr, a brand recognized and trusted by Filipino homemakers and mothers nationwide for 175 years, does its share in celebrating World Food Day.” (Press release)

Unilever’s commitment to help provide school meals through the World Food Programme is contributing to its Sustainable Living Plan goal to improve the health and wellbeing of one billion people by 2020. For more information, please visit and

20131026_205123Busy Mercato Centrale, the venue for Knorr’s Food for Change event.

20131026_205322After buying a ticket, you could then claim your Food for Change plate and utensils.

20131026_205313My ticket: “Php300 goes a long way”

20131026_212456The long list of concessionaires that were part of this event.

20131026_210904This is how it worked: you show your checklist to the concessionaire, he/she will sign that list (to prove you already got your free mini meal) and you are immediately served.

20131026_210909Most of the servings were bite-sized but with over 50 concessionaires participating, this was more than enough.

20131026_211727I couldn’t help but eye the bagnet! Looks so good!

20131026_212107There were so many different cuisines to choose from.

20131026_212138This one gave out mini kebabs.

20131026_213054My favorite concessionaire: Puburrito. They offer a Philippine twist to the burrito.

20131026_210723I ate as I went. Bite-size servings I immediately popped in my mouth.

20131026_212000Haha spot me munching away.

RLO_2635Knorr Chef Marvin Agustin does a cooking demo.

RLO_2519Benjie Yap, Unilever VP for Foods and Home Care.

RLO_2420WFP Philippines Representative and Country Director Praveen Agrawal with United Nations World Food Programme-Philippines National Ambassador against Hunger KC Concepcion.

RLO_2336Praveen Agrawal, WFP Philippines Representative and Country Director; Hon. Dinky Soliman, Department of Social Welfare and DevelopmentSecretary; Benjie Yap, Unilever VP for Foods and Home Care; and Pinky Laurena, Marketing Director, Unilever Foods.

RLO_2666Knorr Chefs Diane de la Cruz, Marvin Agustin and Sari Jorge. Btw, Chef Sari is where I took my cooking classes from: check out her FB page 25 Mushrooms.

RLO_2598Carlos and I.

RLO_2686Alexandra Rocha.

RLO_2688Jessica Tan Gan.


Unilever PR Manager Nikki Abella, Knorr Brand Manager Cza Manalo, Chef Sari Jorge, Marketing Director for Unilever Foods Pinky Laurena. Blue Standard_JPEG KNORR 175 years

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