Celebrities help out victims of Yolanda

Despite the recent negative press we’ve been hearing, more and more people are still willing to do their part to help the Visayas. For instance, pop singer Justin Bieber flew to Tacloban yesterday to visit the area and raise money for Yolanda victims. At the same time, we’ve seen how Madonna actively campaigned for donations thru her Instagram, as did Jessica Alba. And in Twitter, a barrage of support was felt from celebrities like Ginnifer Goodwin, Slash, Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys, Rosie O’Donnell, Kerry Washington, Elijah Wood and Josh Groban. Just last week, news of Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker’s death drew shock and grief, and really affected us Filipinos, as he had just come from a fund-raising event for Haiyan. While over at the UK, celebs held a telethon to help raise money for the Philippines.  Our local celebrities united as well to help raise money for the survivors, with some of them selling their clothing, shoes, bags and accessories to buy the necessary relief goods for the victims.

It is heartwarming to hear about this, not just because they are celebrities but because they use their celebrity status to raise awareness and get people to notice what has happened. A lot of negative flak has been going on about celebs posting their charity work on Twitter and Instagram, but honestly, I see a lot of good in this. This helps draw people’s attention and interest on the issue at hand, making it important and relevant. More people are enticed to help, and rightly so.

I cannot express enough how much disaster-stricken areas like Tacloban and Leyte need our help. Rebuilding will not happen overnight–people do not get back their homes, belongings and jobs in a snap of a finger. These things will take time and effort, but more importantly, the victims need to feel that they have our continuous support in this.

Check out these videos of celebs helping spread the word.


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