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2013 was a difficult year for the Philippines. We endured one calamity after the other, the biggest of which was when the Visayas region was hit with one of the strongest typhoons in history: Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). It was one of the most devastating events the world has seen, and up until now hard-hit areas like Tacloban and Leyte have barely recovered. We have seen signs of improvement, but things are far from normal. Electricity is still not readily available in rural areas, schools are being held in makeshift tents, and healthcare is at a bare minimum. News has since focused onto other issues, so the spotlight is no longer on these areas but that doesn’t mean that everything is okay. Tacloban and parts of Leyte have a long way to go in terms of rebuilding and rehabilitation, which is why we mustn’t forget about them. THEY STILL NEED OUR HELP. And one way we can make a difference is through PHILIPS’ Project: Innovation.

If you can remember my blog posts some months ago, I urged all of you to submit your best and most innovative ideas to help rebuild Tacloban. I went on a two-week campaign trying to get everyone to share their thoughts and ideas to Philips’ website, and garnered hundreds of amazing ideas. Well, since that time Philips has chosen FIVE bright ideas!!! This is super exciting because ONE of these will actually become a reality, as Philips will be funding P1-million pesos to the BEST IDEA with the MOST VOTES! And so once again I am asking for your help–TO VOTE FOR THE MOST INNOVATIVE IDEA. Yes, this is a huge way you can make a difference and it won’t even cost you anything or take away from your time. All you have to do is choose the idea you want to come to life and VOTE for it! Its super easy! 

But before you vote, watch these videos first. These are the five innovators presenting their ideas. Check these out.

Daniel Galang: The Patient Healthcare Management System

Geoffrey Panganiban: The Solar Charging Station Project

Illac Diaz: Solar Night Light Project

Paolo Fajardo & Joanne Morales: Rural Healthcare

Marika Lacanilao: Health Information Booths

VOTE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Click HERE to vote for the best idea! Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.

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