Climate change in the Philippines

As we continue to talk about Haiyan / Yolanda and find ways to help its victims rebuild and start their lives again, we must remember that there is a bigger problem we need to address: climate change. This is something we have known for some time now, but it has only become undoubtedly real today. Typhoons are getting bigger, faster and stronger. They are no longer our typical bagyos. They now bring with it scary storm surges (similar to tsunamis) and super floods, which will only get worse every year.

I cannot even begin to imagine how it will be next year, the year after that, or five years from now. Times are really changing and we have to take action. As I already mentioned from last week, PHILIPS has been pushing for its campaign to inspire innovative solutions for exactly the things I am writing about. Getting help to those who need it, preparing for the next big storm, and using preventive measures to stop and reverse climate change. Philips is giving P1-million pesos to fund the best idea, which can only come from you.

When it comes to things like this, most of the time I feel like I cant make a difference. I’m sure you feel the same way sometimes–its generally a feeling of sadness, helplessness, and even anger. Well, here is the answer we’ve been waiting for–a chance to make a difference! Contribute your ideas now and tell your family and friends about it. They might have brilliant ideas just sitting there–we can put them to good use. P1-million pesos is A LOT of money, and yes, it can help us in many ways.

Click HERE to go to Philips’ website and contribute your best ideas. No doubt we need this right now. Watch these to know more about climate change in the Philippines.


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