Just how strong was super typhoon Yolanda? Check out this video.

Veteran storm chaser, Josh Morgerman, created this video of Super Typhoon Haiyan from Tacloban City, where he rode out the storm. This video is raw, but was able to catch how horrific the storm was. He began shooting from the night before, when the storm was expected to arrive, then showed how it escalated to be one of the strongest recorded storms in history.

Honestly, it was difficult for me to imagine just how strong Yolanda was. Growing up, typhoons and storms were very much a part of life as probably school was. I can say that we Filipinos have experienced practically every type of rain there is, along with winds and floods that come with it. Maybe this was why we weren’t as alarmed as we should’ve been when this typhoon was announced. Yes, it looked massive on the news against the map of our archipelago, but perhaps for a lot of our countrymen–it was just another bagyo.

After seeing this, my views on typhoons has changed immensely. It must’ve been so scary to be in the thick of the storm! I can only empathise with the good people from Tacloban, Leyte, and other hard-hit areas. What do we do when this happens again?! There must be ways for this not to happen the way it did, not again.

Definitely we need to be more prepared. We have to come up with innovative solutions not just to help Yolanda victims, but all Filipinos (this can, after all, happen to all of us). I know, it is easier said than done, but we need to come up with ways to prepare for the situation, and make sure less lives are taken, less people are hurt.

I have recently blogged about PHILIPS and its ongoing campaign to come up with innovative solutions to help Yolanda victims. As I mentioned in my last few posts, Philips has agreed to fund the best and most innovative idea with 1-million pesos. This is a lot of money that will be for a good cause. I mean, of course, we’re all doing our part to provide relief goods to the victims, but if you think about it, this project can really make a difference. YOUR idea can make a difference.

I have been wracking my brain for innovative solutions, and so far I’ve come up with emergency solutions for when this happens again. Like pop-up mobile hospitals that includes big, sturdy tents and folding beds or banigs so patients can be treated at the same time. These can be placed on different areas–higher or safe grounds, on standby during the storm, and should include the necessary equipment and medicine for treating first-aid and even worse cases. The same can be applied for providing immediate food and water to the victims–these pop-up soup kitchens should be stored all over cities to be hit, a few days in advance, and ready to be set-up right after the storm passes. I still need to sort out many of the details of my idea, of course, but I think it is doable.

Of course, YOU might have an even better idea. It can be something that can change the way we evacuate people, or finding immediate access to food, water, and shelter. It can have something to do with communication and energy, or providing medical attention to those who need it, or better ways to reconstruct damaged cities–these things are all important. This can be the best donation you can ever make, because this WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

If you think you have an innovative idea that can create a positive change, click HERE and type away your ideas. Philips will be open to your ideas until December 15th, and then we will be voting for the best idea to win the 1-million peso funding. I believe this is an amazing contribution. Even if your idea doesn’t get chosen, you have put something out there that can possibly save lives.


  1. Teresa Blay Reply

    It’s crazy!

    1. kellymisa Reply

      This storm was really scary–the strongest recorded storm in history!

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