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I’m sure most of you have heard of TOMS shoes–I mean, its a pretty popular shoe brand. Some of you may even own a pair or two, but I wonder how many actually know what the brand is about and what it stands for. I had a pretty vague idea. Well, I knew that it was centered around the idea of “ONE for ONE”–for every pair you buy, they’ll be giving another pair to a person in need. But that was it. I didn’t know where they were giving Toms shoes, or whether they would be giving the exact pair I bought to that person in need of shoes (haha I know, then they would have to find a girl with size 8 feet, right). Of course, I thought the idea was brilliant, but there was somehow a disconnect as I didn’t know the facts, nor have I seen a shoe giving event before.

I recently met with the distributors of TOMS in the Philippines (they’re the people behind Nothing but H20 and SWIM Designer Swimwear) and found out this idea is way bigger than I ever imagined it to be. It all started with American traveler Blake Mycoskie in 2006 when during a trip to a village in Argentina he noticed the children he befriended had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS (short for “Tomorrow’s shoes”), a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. The idea was called (yes, you guessed it) One for One. Realizing this movement could serve other basic needs, TOMS Eyewear was launched. With every pair purchased, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need. One for One. Since its launch, it has helped restore sight in 13 countries, to more than 150,000 individuals around the world. TOMS has also given 10 million pairs of shoes to children in need–this encompasses 60 countries, and ultimately, the shoes did more than just protect feet. Shoes helped improve school attendance and enrolment. And because the shoes are produced in areas where they give them, it creates and supports jobs in places where they are needed. What a company.

TOMS is currently giving pairs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Argentina, China and now, the Philippines. It has given 50,000 pairs of shoes to the Philippines through NGO partners such as Salesian Missions, Children International, Feed the Children and Operation Blessing. And in the aftermath of Yolanda, TOMS shoes have been positioned with giving partners responding to the typhoon. I was lucky enough to be at the latest shoe giving event which was at Tagaroroc Elementary School in Caticlan. The school was hit by the recent typhoon and was damaged along with the few structures in the area. The event was incredibly heartwarming and moving–to be able to give something as basic as shoes to children who don’t even own a pair is just such a beautiful thing. I’m glad I was able to experience this, and be part of this rewarding event.

Students at Tagaroroc school assemble for the mini program before the shoe giving event.

IMG_7304The children lined up to meet us. They were so sweet, they all waved and smiled at us, and gave us a heartfelt welcome.

IMG_7301Tagarococ Elementary School, Aklan.

20140221_095304The kids wait for the program to start.

20140221_095104I had a little chat with Tagaroroc’s teachers. They were the nicest.

20140221_094606Snuck a peek into one of their classrooms.

IMG_7311Fellow bloggers also at the event: Nicole Andersson and Laureen Uy.

  20140221_100939TOMS shoes to be given to the little kids.

20140221_100805Aren’t they cute? They came in metallic pink, purple, silver and black.

20140221_100706TOMS shoes up close. 

20140221_100234These were the ones given away to the older kids. They come in black.

20140221_105733Basic things like Band-Aids were also given to the kids.

20140221_100624And a bar of soap to each kid.

20140221_105854Laureen lines the kids up for shoe giving.

20140221_100603Nicole and Laureen organize the pairs of shoes to be given.

20140221_105925Fashion blogger Camille Co was also there–she washed the kids’ feet before they were given TOMS shoes.

20140221_112213Nicole put on TOMS shoes on the kids.

 20140221_105239Happy kids wearing their sparkly TOMS shoes.

20140221_105152They were also given a bag of school essentials, like caps, shirts, etc.

20140221_112757These ladies pose with their new TOMS shoes.

IMG_7312I was so happy to meet these kids. They were so friendly and nice.

IMG_7321These happy girls were on their way home and wanted a photo.

20140221_122435 With the teachers of Tagaroroc Elementary School.

     20140221_122609#OneforVisayas! So happy to be part of this event.

        IMG_7338After the shoe giving event, we were allowed a little R&R at Boracay.

IMG_7339Happy to have shared this experience with these ladies.

      20140220_170423Pretty sandals from TOMS’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection.


TOMS is available at Nothing But H20 branches, Swim Designer Swimwear, The Give Project branches, Adora, Shoe Salon branches, Jump branches, Rustan’s branches, Trilogy Boutique and Canteen.



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    Hi Kelly
    I really enjoy reading your blog. You seem like a really nice person. I met you once during an event for Sanggobion and you’re very down to earth. God bless

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Thanks! I am happy to hear that! Hope to see you around. 🙂

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