Bensimon D.I.Y.


These are probably the most low maintenance sneakers I’ve ever owned. You just slip them on and go. There’s no need to take care of them, as they are really easy to clean (a must in my book–blame it on my need to keep everything clean). To top it off, they are so comfortable. They’re the type of shoes you can wear every single day.

I love how effortlessly cool the brand is. Bensimon prides itself with being perfectly imperfect. No two pairs are exactly alike, but each one still represents everything about Parisian aesthetic, and the brand’s tradition of quality and attention to craftsmanship. I like that–perfectly imperfect. It brings us back to reality: there is no such thing as perfect, especially in fashion. We are not robots, after all. And really, it is more fun to be loose and effortless than to be pristine and perfect.

That was what we explored that day–the art of imperfection, as Bensimon held a DIY event which allowed the lot of us to express our creativity and distinct fashion inclinations. We basically used art materials to jazz up our Bensimon sneakers. And from the looks of it, no two pairs looked exactly alike as each of us used paint, glitter, permanent markers, stamps, bleach, ribbons and good old needle and thread to make our Bensimons uniquely our own. I have to say, this was so much fun!!! It was like an art project, but in the end you get to wear it on your feet. I chose a very clean, very white pair of Bensimons and decided to splatter it with black paint. The result: an awesome pair of Bensimons that no one else has! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments since I began wearing it last week. I really love them!!! Check out how others designed their Bensimons (tip: you can do this yourself at home).

IMG_6152IMG_6227IMG_6221   IMG_6188 IMG_6160  IMG_6215 IMG_6218 IMG_6159 IMG_6177 IMG_6163 IMG_6167 IMG_6207 IMG_6211 IMG_6193 IMG_6182 IMG_6216 IMG_6181IMG_6191  IMG_6173 IMG_6157 IMG_6151 IMG_6153 IMG_6202   IMG_6228IMG_6231

Bensimon is available at Common Thread Powerplant Mall, Rockwell and 

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