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My hair is pretty healthy, I think. I shampoo and condition my hair regularly and apply a leave-in treatment weekly. Whenever I go to the salon for a cut and color I make sure to have my hair treated, and I have my ends trimmed every six weeks. I don’t really style my hair everyday, but when I do shoots for magazine editorials/features, or for print ads or TVCs my hair goes through a lot of styling. It is ironed straight, curled, teased, hair sprayed, pinned and shaped, and I guess in the process my hair gets damaged. It isn’t anything I can’t fix though, as my trusted shampoo and conditioner (TRESemme Keratin Smooth, of course) does it best to bring my hair back to life. A little more help wont hurt though, which is why I am always on the lookout for new ways to make my hair healthier.

And so I discovered hair vitamins. I know, I’ve never heard of hair vitamins before, not until recently anyway. Of course, I am not talking about vitamins you ingest but vitamins you apply directly on your hair. Its the newest innovation from Dove called Daily Hair Vitamin, a concentrated infusion of nutrients that locks in nourishment and makes hair healthier and damage-free. Sounds amazing, right?

Well, it is. I got to try it at the launch of Dove Daily Hair Vitamin at Blo Dry Bar in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, and I saw a difference in my hair. After the treatment, my hair was shinier and more manageable, even the ends of my hair looked good. And as I found out, this wonder product is an infusion of vitamin E, botanical extract and mineral oil, which all protect hair from external factors like pollution and sun damage.

My favorite part about it (apart from how effective the product is) is the packaging. It comes in these navy blue silicone capsules with a protruding tip that you twist or cut off to get to the product. The liquid inside isn’t oily or thick. It feels like dry oil, and it immediately disappears into your hair as soon as you apply it. It is lightweight, and doesn’t feel like anything, though your hair becomes shiny and easier to manage. I got a blow-dry and it didn’t feel like I had applied hair product on my hair, though my hair definitely improved. It is a great product you can use everyday when you feel your hair has become course, dry or brittle. Or if it needs an extra boost!


Apparently, there is a proper way of using Dove Daily Hair Vitamin. It involves three easy steps:

Step one: Use Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner (or any other shampoo/conditioner that is moisturising/nourishing will do). After, towel-dry hair.

Step two: While hair is still damp, pop out Dove Daily Hair Vitamin capsule from the pack. Cut/pinch end of capsule and squeeze out contents onto your palm.

Step three: Apply Dove Daily Hair Vitamin evenly from the middle of the hair strands down to the tips (never apply on the scalp as this will make your hair look flat and oily). Do not rinse off. Style hair as desired.

IMG_6149   I love how Blo has an illustrated menu of hair styles! These were the choices for the Dove event.

IMG_6134This is how the hair vitamins look like. They come in these blue silicone capsules. You break the tip off to get the product inside.

IMG_6143The friendly BLO staff did an amazing job styling my hair. I have zero makeup on, btw.

IMG_6147My hair is healthy and bouncy after the treatment.

IMG_6140Dove Intensive Repair range.

  1. Gina de Guzman Reply

    My friend loves Dove Daily Vitamins… she said it works wonders for her hair…she s so happy to have discovered it.

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