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Since I started my Ketogenic journey four months ago, I’ve made a conscious effort to eat clean and healthy. This means making healthier choices everyday–eating more vegetables (organic, no GMO), fresh meats (preferably grass fed, with no antibiotics or hormones) and clean seafood (no farmed fish). I have to admit, its been quite a difficult path to take especially since all the unhealthy food are so quick and convenient. They are in your face ALL THE TIME, and their packaging always looks so attractive.

I still fall for it sometimes, especially when they sneakily market the product as “healthy” but it is so far from it. I usually spend a lot of time reading labels, and when I see that the sugar content is high, well, that’s a big no-no for me. There has been plenty of research about the negative effects of sugar on our bodies (it has been linked to cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, and many more), and if you’re a sugar fiend (I was my entire life) well then, you should know that it is super addicting! It has been the most difficult food group to remove from my diet, and I still struggle to this day not to fall into temptation.

I feel like my Keto diet deserves its own post (my readers have been requesting for it since I announced I was on it) so I shall stop talking about it for now and work on it in the coming days (for sure it will be a long and lengthy one). In the meantime, I wanted to share with you one of the health stores I frequent for healthy snacks, organic bath products, trendy clothes, travel essentials and pet grooming products (I can’t forget about Lily).

It is called LIV STORE, and it is owned by my good friends Paolo and Teng Ongpin. They’ve been into the ketogenic lifestyle for awhile, and in the process have embraced the healthy, all-natural lifestyle as well. The store is filled with things they personally use and love, and all the brands they carry are locally made.

I love that they did this! It’s about time we have more wholesome and natural stores that are proudly Pinoy. If you are in Southwoods area, you have to visit! It is a happy little store with plenty of amazing offerings. I ended up with two basket full of goodies for my household, and we are honestly so happy to have made the switch. Natural is always better!


Liv Store is located in Unit 206A Coral Center Building, Ecocentrum Business Park Southwards City, San Francisco Biñan, Laguna. Contact them at:

  1. aezel cabrales Reply

    This is a nice read Kelly. I didn;t know a store like this exist here 10 minutes away from where I live LOL. Thanks for the info! Will check this out 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      YES! It is owned by my friends who are into the ketogenic lifestyle and healthy living. Check it out! 🙂

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