SM Men’s Fashion: Just Delivered Jeans


There’s nothing hotter than a man wearing  jeans. I think the right pair makes a man look strong and masculine, not to mention it helps relax an otherwise serious or stuffy outfit (think: jeans worn with a suit). Personally, I prefer men who wear jeans that aren’t too tight or constricting. Jeans have to fit properly, and look and feel comfortable. (Really, there’s nothing worse than a guy wearing jegging-like denims!) I think the best kind of jeans for men are dark denims with minimal embellishments on them–the simpler the better. I mean, I like some worn-in designs and maybe a different wash, but it has to look cool and effortless as opposed to tattered, overly accessorized or  slovenly. Fade/color, style, cut and design are all very important things to consider when selecting the right pair of jeans. Oh, and the fit, of course!

So, of course, these were the things that were running through my brain as I watched SM Men’s Fashion: Just Delivered Jeans fashion show. I don’t usually watch men’s fashion shows, so this was a kind of a new experience for me. I must say though, I have found a deeper appreciation for men’s denim, now that I’ve seen the different kinds available out there! Just Delivered Jeans featured the biggest denim brands: V+Jeans, CodeBlue, Baleno, Tank, Markus, Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee, Jag, Von Dutch, Petrol and Lee Cooper, modelled by the hottest male models in the industry, like Hideo Muraoka, Fabio Ide and Rafael Do Prado (really, I can’t complain). It was sort of a visual guide of what to look for in men’s jeans, so the next time I go shopping for my husband, I’ll know what to look for.

Check out these photos from the fashion show.


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