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I think we can all agree: The Balm hands down wins cutest packaging! Its not like we were holding a contest or anything, but I just had to say it. I really love its retro look. Also the products’ names are so smart and sassy, too. It really makes you want to collect all their makeup. Obviously, I’m a stickler for packaging. My eye is immediately drawn to any product that looks adorable. But of course, lets not forget what’s important here too–how great the products are. And no doubt, The Balm’s products are super!

I got to know more about this brand at its launch held at Niner Ichi Nana, where guests were free to sniff, apply, and try on the products. Its newest products were introduced, which consisted of an extensive hair care line (exciting). The brand also presented its three muses who modeled the makeup–they were Spanish model and makeup artist Fatima Rabago, lifestyle blogger and photographer Cat Triviño, and writer/host and creator of Pinkerton Ice Cream, Alexandra Rocha. They looked so good that afternoon, as Fatima showcased 50’s makeup, Cat brought on the 60’s, and Xandra the 70’s.

3Fatima Rabago.

4Cat Triviño

5Xandra Rocha.

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